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EURENCO has launched a vast project to set up a facility to treat soil impregnated with pyrotechnic products in Bergerac. In operation since 2006 in Angoulême, this unit has enabled the restoration of the 200 hectares of the former powder factory that was in operation for nearly 200 years. Now that the site has been completely treated and with the experience gained over the last few years, the EURENCO Group intends to continue this activity of treating historical pollution. This installation should create about ten direct jobs and as many indirect ones after its commissioning in 2023.

With this extension of EURENCO’s activities and the installation of a facility with unique capacities in France, the project aims to make the Bergerac site the national platform for the decontamination of soil and sludge containing, in particular, old powders dating from the world wars.

The facility can process up to 20,000 tonnes of soil per year in an industrial and robust manner, in full compliance with safety, environmental and regulatory requirements. It can decontaminate soil containing pyrotechnics such as nitrocellulose, but also solvents and hydrocarbons in reasonable concentrations. It will also make it possible to restore 35 hectares of land at the former Bergerac powder factory, where EURENCO intends to develop new activities. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, reliable and regularly improved, this installation has been operating for more than 13 years with a high level of environmental performance inherent to its design.


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This treatment capacity, unique in Europe, allows us to offer competitive prices and thus accelerate the elimination of pollution inherited from past generations.

Thierry FRANCOU,

Chairman and CEO of EURENCO

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